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Apr 18 2017

Afraid To Be Fat

We all are afraid to be fat. It is because fat makes us looking ugly and health deteriorated. Besides, our reaction will be slow in our daily movements. Therefore, we shall not be a fat man under any circumstance.
But, to be slim is not easy. First of all, we need to watch our mouth which is the entrance way to make our fat. We need to eat less in every meal. Exercise cannot prevent our fatness, but only by eating in control, you will then not be fat.
We can see from the life of wild pig and domestic pig. Wild pig runs fast and action swift, but domestic pig walks slowly and movement clumsy. It is because their life background is different. Wild pigs have to find food by themselves and domestic pigs will be fed by human. Wild pigs eat less and move more and contrary domestic pigs eat more and move less.
We, human, also are same as pigs. We should do more exercise and eat less so that we will not be fat. Exercise cannot reduce fatness, only mouth control can. Therefore, we have to eat less and exercise more to make our muscle strong and body swift.
Fatness is really a nuisance and unhealthy, especially to old people who will easily get stroke if they are fat.
To keep fit is a work of whole life. You have to watch your mouth every day in every meal, especially in dinner which can make you fat easily if you eat much in dinner.