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Apr 19 2017

Like To Say “I”

When we talk to other people, most of us like to say “I” frequently. But, if we say “I” too much in conversation with others, it is not the art of talking. People will dislike us if we talk “I” too often.
To talk with people is a knowledge to which we have to learn. We must let others talk more and we ourselves speak less. By doing so, friends will like to talk with us more amicably because we say less “I”.
If you work in a big organization, your superior will like subordinate who speak less. Your boss will not like you if you talk too much.
In the Bible, it says that you have two ears and one mouth. That tells us very clearly to listen more and speak less. Besides, people who talk much cannot win confidence from others.
In our Chinese old saying: “Silence is gold.” It does not mean that we do not talk. It means that we should only talk when necessary, but in general case, silence is better.
To talk adequately, we need wisdom which we can only learn from books. By reading books which are the records of our ancestors, we will commit less mistakes. Of course, we have to select good books to read, not to read any books which come to our hand. Good books will keep us away from troubles and disasters. Good books will help us to speak properly and bring our life to be successful. It is indeed that good books will bring us a good destiny which we desire in our whole life.