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Apr 20 2017

How To Manage Money

We all know to earn money is difficult, but to keep money is more difficult. Many people who made money in the beginning lost all his money finally. It is because he does not know how to manage money.
If a young man does not know how to manage money, it is not so important. At his young age, he can use all his money on what he has earned. He can earn money again because he is young.
At your age of thirty, it can still be excused if you do not know how to manage money, but if you are at forty, you must be able to keep your money for what you have earned. At forty, if you cannot keep your money, money will not come back so easily. If you are at fifty, you have to keep your money absolutely. Once your money is gone, it is like a river of no return. Money is gone forever.
To manage money is not easy. You can buy gold for your investment, but, unless at war, gold price is very steady. You cannot make profit from gold.
Share is something you can invest, but you must be aware that price of share is very much flexible. You can be rich in the morning and poor in the afternoon if you are a speculator. This is a high risk investment. For example, recent news from America that the United Airlines forced one passenger to get down from plane by violence which angered the public. As a consequence, the share value of this Airlines dropped one billion dollar in one day. This was a terrible loss to investors which bought shares of United Airlines.
Therefore, you have to learn how to manage your money for the security of your old life.