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Apr 21 2017

How To Be Master Of Money

Money is not all mighty, but also not all evil. It is a tool we need in our life. We cannot live without money.
In the reality of our life, we need money to support our daily life whether we live in peace or in war. Money is the only thing we can depend to live on.
In a poor family, husband and wife have more chance to quarrel, even to divorce. Of course, such things will be easily to happen in a very poor family. But, for a family, even they are poor, they can still live peacefully as long as their income and expenses balanced.
Though money is so important, still, two things cannot be bought by money. That is “time’ and “love”. Time is the most cruel. Once time gone is gone forever and it never comes back. A million dollars cannot buy one minute back. Money cannot buy love, but with money, you can build your love by the help of time.
The ability of every one to make money is different due to various circumstances in destiny. However, we can make adjustment by ourselves. If we make more money, we then use more, or if we make less, use less. We must be master of money, not slave of money.
When we have made the money, we must lock it as a prisoner. Money is such a strange creature. If you do not keep watch, it will escape. Be aware that once money is gone and in most case you will be difficult to gain it back.