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Apr 22 2017

Never Give In

In anything we must have a spirit that we shall never give in. That is to keep forward in spite of difficulties lying ahead. We cannot guarantee one hundred percent that, even through hard struggle, we will surely reach the goal of success. But, if we do not struggle, success will never come.
Therefore, when we set up a goal, we must keep the principle not to give up, but go forward and forward. If we fail, we shall try again. We must remember “no pain, no gain”.
We all know to insist is the only way to be successful, but most of us will give up when some difficulty, even a minor one, lies ahead of us. Such people are the people of failure. They do not know that success comes from the last thrust.
In term of study in any field, only the best person can win glory. But, he must be the person to spend years and years in his research. Lazy people will be surely out of his way.
The glory of competition belongs to champion, but there is only one champion. You need some luck to achieve championship.
A clear example is from the swimming competition in the Olympic game. In some cases, the champion wins by a length of a finger. It is by luck. But, once you win the champion, the glory reaches to you and the world knows your name. But, on the other hand, the second will have no glory, but to leave the spot silently.