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Apr 23 2017

Feet Get Old First

If a person can walk fast and speedy, it shows that his feet are very young. He cannot walk fast if his feet are getting old.
To let the feet young, you must have muscle to protect leg bones tightly. With strong muscle, attaching to your bones, you can walk very fast and do any movement whatever you like. But, if you have no muscle, you cannot do any action as you wish to do. You cannot walk fast if your muscle is weak.
To develop strong muscle, you need lengthy exercise. It will take you a few years of hard training, not in months. Only strong exercise can protect your bones.
Strong muscle can protect your organs in your body. With good resistance in your body, you will have less chance to be sick, away from minor sickness. You can then live your life in non-sickness.
If you have good muscle in your leg, you can walk long distance without feeling fatigue, producing a good effect in your health. As long as you walk every day, your muscle will never disappear.
Why people will be getting old? It is, of course, by the elapse of time which makes everybody old in a nature of cycle. The person, who cannot walk, will get old very quickly. Therefore, walk and walk whenever you can and it is the only way to prolong your life if you are old.
It is something difficult for the old man to walk due to lack of energy. Once an old man relax on a sofa, he does not like to move. This is why old man cannot walk straight, only bending his body to walk.