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Apr 24 2017

Live Your Life Alert

In our life, we should be at all the time alert to face any change of unexpected thing which may bring danger to our life. It means that when we are under sunshine, we should prepare rainy days.
Many people wish to live a comfortable life today, with no preparation for disaster tomorrow. Good weather can change into storm at any time, so does our human life.
We, Chinese, have a custom to store corns for preparation of famine. It is a kind of protection to live our life alert which is surely correct.
We have work and have income, but we should not use it all. We must keep certain amount of money as a saving in order to meet the use of emergency, otherwise we shall be in trouble because of no cash in hand.
“Live your life alert” is not applied to our money affairs, but it also can be used in other things of our life. That is to expect best and prepare for worst. We cannot have good weather every day.
Therefore, everybody must have such a thinking of “to live a life alert”. As long as you have such a preparation, you will then live a comfortable life without fear.
As from the example of animals, we can see from the wide life documentaries that deer in the forest always keep alert themselves day and night. When the wild animals is approaching, they immediately run away as fast as possible, or if they do not keep themselves alert, they will die almost any time or any day.