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Apr 25 2017

People Forget Gratitude

In this world, many people are inclined to forget what gratitude you give to him. People will return you nothing against your help. Therefore, when you help others, do not expect a return, otherwise you will feel very much disappointed.
To help others, even it is a big help, he will remember your kindness for a short time. But, after a certain time, he will forget what you did for him. On the contrary, he may do something to make you unhappy.
Decades ago, there was a Hong Kong woman who came from Shanghai and lived in Hong Kong. She worked hard and earned some money. She had a brother in Shanghai, who wanted to buy a house, but the money was not enough. He asked his sister to help and she remitted all her saving to help her brother. Years later, she went to Shanghai and stayed at her brother home. To her surprise, wife of his brother treated her very coldly and rudely, forcing her to move out to stay in hotel. She was so sad that even so close a relationship as brother will treat her in this way, forgetting what she did for him to buy the house.
Therefore, if you do not want to give other’s gratitude, the best way is to pay money against service. That is why today AA system is so popular. No one owes any one in everything. By such system, you will feel more peaceful in your life.