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Apr 26 2017

How To Prevent Illness

All of us do not like to be sick, but we have to take necessary precaution if we do not want to be ill. First of all, we have to make our blood in good circulation which will prevent any sickness from happening, especially the cancer.
We know streaming water from mountain to the river is so clean that we can take it as our drinking water, but on the contrary, water in the pond is so dirty. Germs of every kind are in the water because pond water is not in motion.
To prevent from illness, we must build our good daily life. Uncontrolled drinking, over-eaten and crazy night life will cause you to suffer many kinds of sickness in your life. It is essential to avoid such bad habits in your daily life.
Only young persons need not take care of their health too seriously. They have strong resistance in their body to boycott illness. People below fifty are basically strong and if they take a good care of themselves, they are not easy to get illness.
From sixty onwards, body has a little sign of weakness and from seventy, if he is not strong, many small sickness will appear one or another frequently.
From eighty, it is the age for most people to die. It is the cycle of life for every human. People, living to ninety, are very few. Of course, someone lives to one hundred or more, but very rare.