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Apr 27 2017

After Success, Failure Begins

It is not a rule, but in many cases that people who have achieved success start to go downward in his business. The reason is due to that he thinks he is a man of excellence and, then, he relaxes his mind to fight further, thus leading him to failure.
Anyone, as long as he is diligent, should have chance to be successful in his whole life. But, most people do not want to work hard, and, as a result, successful people are few.
The definition of success is to work hard continuously, non-stopping. If one day you stop hard working, your business will then go down and disappear. Therefore, you cannot take rest until the day you retire which is the period for you to take full rest and relaxation.
Example from Japan enterprises show that in majority, enterprise only last thirty years. After that period, enterprise begins to show weakness and slowly is wiped out under competition. It is because that the founder of an enterprise, after thirty years of hard work, will show fatigue in his health. He cannot work energetically as he did before. He passed his business to his son. His son, in most cases, due to a good foundation built by his father, will not work as hard as his father. Finally this enterprise will slowly diminish in a matter of less than a decade. It is a trend everywhere in this world.