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Apr 28 2017

Pay Bill First

In Europe, there is a saying: “Pay bill first, then we eat.” which actually means that we must have no debt to other people. To say simply we have no liabilities.
It is true that we must not live a luxurious life if we owe a lot of money to other people.
Nowadays, credit card is so popular that many young people use their money beforehand by getting money from credit card. They do not use their money in proper way, but spend on the things which are not necessary to their life. When the bill is due, most of them find no money to pay, thus causing them a lot of troubles in consequence.
Except in business, you cannot borrow money from bank, but, in personal life, you shall never use money beforehand if you have no money. You must not borrow.
You must earn money by your labour and spend the money within limit of what you have earned. If you do this way, you shall live a beautiful life forever.
Besides, if you make money by your own labour, the money will stay with you forever. On the contrary, if you make money by luck, say you win a “cash sweep”. Then you shall never keep the money which will be gone very quickly. Instead, the money may bring you disaster.