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Apr 29 2017

Avoid Argument

To avoid argument, we need a polite manner in our everyday life. Human to human, we usually start to argue on small affairs and, then, if not controlled, small argument may lead to a big trouble, even disaster.
Therefore, we must build our philosophy not to argue with anyone whether the matter is minor or large. Many young men, for a small matter, start to argue with someone and even lead to violence. The result will be in hurting other people or being hurt. Both are the things not fit for a wise person to do.
How to prevent argument? It is necessary for us to keep a polite manner all the time with anyone we associate us. We must keep a soft appearance, even our heart is strong. We shall never give chance to anyone to argue with us. Only be this way, it is the best way to protect us in our life.
But, even we are so careful not to argue with anyone, trouble still falls upon us accidentally. Then, we should adapt another way to escape. That is to leave the trouble spot immediately. “Go away” is the best policy to get off from trouble whether it is small or big.
Always remember that soft attitude is the best method to deal with anyone even he is a rude person. Do not take advantage from anyone. By keeping such principle, you shall be a person of no trouble or disaster all your life.