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Apr 30 2017

Dog And Human

The peculiar character of a dog is to love and obey human. Therefore, sentiment between dog and human is usually very close to each other. The good point of a dog is that dog never reveals your secret to others because it cannot talk. But, it can listen and is able to take master’s instruction which is the main reason for human to love dogs.
We, human, of course, have love, but our love is not so simple as dog. We love others conditionally. We love and we need return. Our human’s love is only to love children unconditionally, to others not.
We also have a character to obey. In the childhood, we obey parent and when we grow up to work, we obey our superiors, soldier obeying orders. Only old people need not to obey anyone, but to obey religious belief, following religion to live the rest of his life.
If an old man has no religion to follow, he must obey his life cycle, be careful to live his life according to his age. He cannot live his life in a style of young people or he will die very quickly before his dying age.
Another good point of a dog is that it loves its master whether the master is rich or poor, faithful to its mater twenty four hours a day, in a loving attitude. That is why people love dogs very deeply.