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May 1 2017

Early Morning

We must have sufficient sleep, especially to the old people, but on the contrary that old persons cannot sleep well in the night in spite of the fact that they have ample time to sleep. They can only close eyes and lie on bed to take rest. Is it good to them?
This question is worthy to study. It is true that if we lie on bed, we can have enough rest, but too much rest is harmful to our body. We all know that streaming water is the clean water which we can drink, and so does to our blood circulation. Only a good circulation of blood can be healthy to our body, slow circulation not.
To the old people, waking up early is necessary. Early morning is important to everybody, but to old people, more important. It is because their living days are not long. They have to catch time to enjoy their early morning hours during their sunset life.
Early morning is the beginning of our day. Therefore, we must appreciate early morning hours, to plan what we should do this day, to do anything deeply, not to waste the day which is in our hands.
If you still lie on bed while the sun is high on sky, you will not be a man of success. You must be an early bird which catches worms easily. Success belongs to those who get up early and start working early. Everything in the world is under competition, failing on which you will be wiped out from human society.