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May 2 2017

Beautiful Evening Sun

“Evening sun is beautiful, but it is near night.” Which is a popular poem in China, even a school boy can recite this poem. The meaning is very clear that an old man, in spite of the fact that he has good golden life at his old age, still goes slowly to the end of his life.
Everybody will be getting old, but to old people, it is most helpless and painful. It is due to that many old people cannot take care of themselves and has to depend on others to live their daily life. Such life is not happy and much pride will be lost and much pain will be suffered in their daily life to which they only know in their heart by themselves.
Except you are a very healthy old man, you need not anyone to help you. But, such old people are very few and yet, still, one day you will be sick and you have to depend on others as a necessity.
There are many kinds of sickness to old people, such as heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer illness, and so on, plus many small illnesses, such as ear deaf, eye sight lost, bending waist and your need supporter while you walk. Those troubles are common to old people.
Since we cannot reject evening sun to come, we shall, then, enjoy our life before evening sun falls. That is to use every minute happily for our everyday life, to enjoy whatever we wish.