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May 3 2017

Against Our Wish

We all hope that every day, everything will run smoothly according to our wish. But, actually things are not going well as we wish and, instead, trouble fall upon us frequently. Therefore, we have to prepare psychologically to face anything which are to give us troubles.
Many times, things, we think, are definitely to be successful, but, in the end, it turns to be a failure. It is out of our expectation and planning and gives us disappointment.
To do anything, it is better to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If such a philosophy is formed, failure is not important to us. Once we have failed, we shall start anew to get another new success, never abandoning to try.
In this world, if we have preparation for failure, our chance to be successful is higher. But, if you do not prepare, you will lose confidence to try again.
Many successful people, through countless failure, finally they reached the gate of success and glory. It is because they have a spirit of persistence never to give in, never to surrender, only going forward to their goal which they set in the begging of their journey.
Actually, in our life, as long as we do our best, success and failure is not important. How can we have everything perfect due to the fact that life is not perfect?