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May 4 2017

Poor And Rich

If a person has no money, he is poor and he is rich if he has money. The definition is very clear. But, the question is that what is the difference of personalities between the poor and the rich. It is obvious that in finance wise, the poor has lower reputation and the rich has higher.
For instance, bank only trust the rich and not the poor. It is the reality and no one can twist this situation.
Fundamentally, few poor people, in order to get easy money, will offend law to do something illegally which most rich people will not. That is why prisoners in the jail are mostly poor people and less rich people.
Therefore, we should try our best not to be poor, but to be away from poor. We need to work hard, to manage our finance well. That is to spend less than our income.
However, some countries become rich because of their geography. In Middle East, oil will appear from ground. People there are rich even they do not work. Government will give them a certain amount of money every month to let them live comfortably. But, people, who live in the high mountains, cannot have a good life from geographic point of view. What they have are only trees and animals which are merely enough to support their daily living.