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May 5 2017

Wipe Out The Weak

The cycle of nature is to wipe out the weak, and the strongest remain, especially on the life of animals. It is so clear that in animal’s world only strong animals survive. We do not see weak animals in the animal’s society.
Actually, many weak animals died in winter time, unable to resist the severe cold and snow. But, still many strong animals survive through the winter even without food. It is because they eat the body of dead animals which are the sources of food to let the remaining animals survive.
In our human life, we also wipe out the weak and let the strong to control the society. It is not the question of life and death, but is the division of high class and low class of society. The stronger control the high society and the weak remains in the low society. To say simply rich and poor.
Therefore, we must not be a weaker, but to be strong. You need good foundation of education, to get knowledge and wisdom by which you can, then, have chance to be a stronger. As long as you have determination to be a strong person, go forward and never give up in spite of huge difficulties lying ahead of you. One day, you will surely be rewarded for your hard effort which you have invested during the past years. God will help those who help themselves. You are the one to have God grace.