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May 6 2017

Beware of Your Mouth

Two old friends are together, talking very amicably, but one friend speaks something which hurts another friend’s pride. As a consequence, their friendship comes to an end, treating each other as strangers from that moment on.
Such things happen frequently and, therefore we must be very careful to control our mouth, to say only what we need to say, avoiding improper words which may hurt listener’s pride.
To young men, to speak improper words is not important as they are always speaking carelessly to each other. They do not mind if someone speaks rude words to each other, thinking it as a joke only.
But, when you speak to middle aged man, words should be prudent, or you many get trouble afterwards. If your words hurt their pride, they will remember in their heart what you have said and wait for the opportunity to revenge.
In our Chinese old saying: “Disaster is from words we speak. Illness is from food we eat.” Therefore, we should listen more, and speak less since we have one mouth and two ears.
Why we love dogs deeply because they can only listen, but could not speak. We do not fear that dogs will hurt us. We only fear human who may at any time hurt us from behind. To protect ourselves is to speak carefully at any time in any circumstances.