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May 7 2017


Sometimes we are not happy because many people take advantage from us. It is also true that we sometime wish to take advantage from others. In most cases, we will suffer losses if we want to take advantage from others.
It is, therefore, better to keep a principle, not to take any benefit from any people, and we will, then, put ourselves in a safe position upon which no one can inflict us.
But, still there are many people who will hurt us without any reason which make us unbearable in our sentiment. What shall we do? May be it is better to tolerate than to hate and revenge. To say is easy, but to do is difficult.
However, considering that in our life, we have so many things to do, but time is always not enough. Therefore, to hate or to revenge is really a waste of our life. It may be against our character, but, it is still better to tolerate to let our time to enjoy our life in whatever way we like.
If we can tolerate, it is a proof that we are powerful. Only a powerful person can have a heart of tolerance. Make yourself powerful first and then you can be a person of tolerance.
A simple way can prevent others from hurting us. That is to keep certain distance with anyone. Who, under a distance curtain, can have less chance to hurt us?