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May 8 2017


When we heard in the market that one big enterprise is in crisis, we will immediately think that this company is in financial trouble. It may suffer big loss in their trading and unable to meet payments which are due. That shows that this company is in trouble.
But, in most cases that after a crisis, there is opportunity which will turn failure into success. Of course, this is entirely to depend on the person how to change from crisis into opportunity. This is the moment to let a person to show his talent or ignorant in the affairs he faces.
However, we must not give up in our struggle even if we have failed. Nothing is easy in anything if we do not fight. We must persist to go forward, against any difficulty which lies ahead of us, especially when we have reached the goal of success, we must not lose our alert which, if neglected, always will lead us to a failure.
Therefore, when we are in good time, we should prepare an evil wind which may blow to us. If we have a preparation beforehand, nothing can hurt us at any time of bad weather.
Crisis in our health is the illness; crisis in business is in financial trouble and crisis in marriage is sentiment problem. No matter in what position we are, we must handle it carefully to change our ill position into good direction. This is the duty in our life.