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May 9 2017

Tree Root

When we enter a forest, we can see many huge trees. They stand firmly on the soil, no storm or rain can press them down. Why they are so strong? It is because their roots are deeply under the ground.
Therefore, roots are the life of a tree, without which, tree cannot be survived. The root may go down one hundred feet deep and more than one hundred feet away in distance. As long as the soil has water to nourish, the root will extend farther and farther without boundary.
We are human and in our life, we also need root to keep our life alive. We do not need soil, but we need time which to our human is as same as soil to tree. Our root is thinking, education, and philosophy to handle our life. If our root is good and strong, our whole life will be happy and comfortable, or, if not, we will have trouble and disaster in the course of our life.
Where are our roots? Our roots are in the books from which we can learn many things, essential to be in use in our life. Books are the recorded of experience of our ancestors who record their success and failure in the books to pass over their knowledge to us. By reading those books, we can learn the ways of their success and avoid the way of their failure.
If you do not read books, you will be ignorant, unable to deal with any problem which may fall upon you. Without education you cannot grow, and easily to fall down when you meet troubles and disasters.