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May 10 2017


Whether we are human or the animals, every day we need to eat food. Without food, we shall have no strength to work and our body will be weak, thus inducing many kinds of illness to our body. It is the knowledge everyone knows.
Animals, all in their life, are looking for food. Grass-eating animals are finding grass field wherever they live. When they have finished eating their grass in the place they live, they have to migrate to another land for new grass. Meat-eating animals also are looking for weak animals as their food. It is the cycle of nature.
The duty of Government of every country is keep ample supply of food in the famine years, or the country may face a revolution if people have nothing to eat. In ancient China, Kings worshiped God every year, pledging a good weather to help harvest, to prevent from famine.
At the time of peace, food is usually plenty. People have stable job and life is comfortable, but at the time of war, people is homeless, and no one will work on field. As a consequence, food become scarce and high price, thus causing most people to live in hunger.
Our stomach is limited and we have to eat every day to keep our life alive. We cannot eat three days food in on day. Even today’s medicine development is so advanced, there is no invention that by eating one pill, we shall not be hungry for one day. We still have to eat food to keep our stomach full to live on.