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May 11 2017


If we have politeness in our appearance, we can go anywhere smoothly. But, if our manner is rude, we shall meet rough treatment from others. It is a rule that if we wish to have happiness, we need a manner of politeness all the time.
Politeness costs you nothing, but the power is great. It is because every human wishes to meet any human of politeness. No human likes to talk with a person of rudeness.
Politeness is not only to your superior or stranger. To your family members, or even to a dog, you must be polite. Politeness to family, you can enjoy a harmony atmosphere at home and to a dog which will twist its tail to show thankfulness.
Many young men, because of their rude manner, create chance to fight and as a result, you may wound other persons or you may be wounded by other people. Both are not good to you. If you wound others, you offend the law and may go to jail or if you are wounded, you will lie in hospital and may be crippled. It is because they do not observe politeness.
When we get up in the morning and leave home for work, do not forget to bring the word of “politeness”. With this word, you can go anywhere smoothly. As the meaning of “politeness” is “softness” in actual way. Softness is the best philosophy in our life. Water is soft and we all know that water is the strongest thing in the world.