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May 12 2017

Tiny Grass, The Strongest

Many years ago, a great number of scientists gathered together, discussing which is the strongest among the animals and plants. A lot of scientists were inclined to the lion as the strongest, but still many insisted that tiny grass is the strong one. It came to a vote. The result is the tiny grasses which were regarded as the strongest.
In theory, if you burn the grass in the ground or a tank runs over the grass field, the tiny grass disappeared by the fire and force of a tank. But, you will find the next day, the destroyed grass come to life again as nothing happened the previous day. Why? It is because the root of grass is under the ground of soil which is to protect the root.
When storm comes, the big trees were blown down to the ground, but the tiny grass remains safe. It just bends down its body and when the storm is over, it rises again. The life of tiny grass is forever.
We frequently see that tiny grass appears from the leakage of stones which are so closely together. But, the grass has the power to break through the leakage of the stone. Its power is great.
Therefore, in our life, we should be like a character of tiny grass, to survive under any severe conditions. That is to put our root of life into the depth of our heart. We should be like water which is soft in appearance but so strong that nothing can resist.