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May 14 2017


Time slips away so quickly and silently. Time goes on second by second, never stopping. It you do not seize the time for use of your own benefit, you shall never achieve anything in your life, regretting forever. Therefore to use time wisely is the most important of the importance.
But, how to catch time! First is to set up a time-table upon which we shall do things step by step according to the plan which we intend to fulfill for the goal of our life.
In one occasion, there were two men of both forty years old. They took a photo together, but in the photo we see one man’s looking like at age of below thirty five years and another looked like over forty five years old.
Why does this happen? It is because the younger looking man lived a very decent life, early up and early to bed, sufficient exercise, balanced food eating, no smoking and no drinking alcohol. Except work, he has no night life which keeps him forever at a stage of young man.
But, the other one is different. This man lived a crazy life, drinking and smoking every day, sleeping late because of night life which speeded him to get old quick, to be looked like a man of nearly fifty.
We all have good hopes for our life. But to make idea into reality, we need to seize time, to be master of time, not a slave. We should control the time, to use it for the goal of our whole life.