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May 15 2017

Managing Finance

If you know how to manage money, whether you have big money or small money, you will always have money in surplus. The principle of managing finance is to keep your money once you have made it. You shall not lose it and never be cheated by others. It needs wisdom to keep money forever in your hand.
No book can teach you how to manage money. If the author knows how to manage money, he will surely be a person of rich. Once he is rich, he will not labour himself to write for income. Therefore, you have to think by yourself how to hand money and keep money forever in your control.
Managing finance is a very private knowledge to everyone. But, to manage money you need a certain amount of money in your hand. If you are poor, you have no money to manage.
How can we have money? It is necessary to build a habit of making more money and spending less. Slowly and slowly, you will accumulate your wealth. When such time comes, you must be very careful to manage your wealth. If you are a man of talent in managing money, you will surely one day be a very rich person.
The absolute rule to manage money is that you shall not be in liability in your personal expense. You can only borrow money from bank for business. Make a balance sheet of your own so that you can know your net worth at any time.