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May 16 2017


To learn wisdom, there is no specific book in the market for us to buy. Nobody writes a book which teaches a person how to be in wisdom. We have to get wisdom by ourselves, to read various books, especially the history books which are the basic source of wisdom and also from the society we live.
Wisdom and being wise are different. Wise man only wishes to take advantage from other people in everything and in every occasion. Most wise men are short-sighted, but man of wisdom is different. He looks at things far and forward, planning big benefit of future, caring nothing for small profit today.
For example, there are two young men whose family back ground are fairly good. One of the young men, after graduation from middle school, abandoned further education, but rush to work to earn money for immediate enjoyment. He cannot get a good job because of his low education.
On the other hand, another young man has a far sighted idea. He went to university to study further and reached a standard of MBA. As his qualification was high, he got a high positioned job with good salary. Besides, he joined the club of high society.
Of course, the destiny of the two men will be different in future by their decision in the early days. One wanted to get small money quickly, but the other one planned to get big income by more investment in his education. The result is that one is rich and another poor in their life.