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May 17 2017

Walk Ten Thousand Miles

In ancient China, people said that to walk ten thousand miles was better than to read ten thousand books. Such words were exclaimed by writers at that time. Of course, it is not true because we, in our whole life, are not able to read ten thousand books and also unable to walk ten thousand miles.
In fact, walk and read are two different things. For human, we get knowledge from books, not from walk. That is why, in ancient days, learned people could know the world clearly because of their diligent reading every day.
In old days, people had to travel either by feet or by horse. It was very tired to do so, but they got more knowledge by traveling that way. They deeply impressed to the spots they saw, very much in detail.
Now, we travel by plane to any big cities we like, but we only see the city in surface. We cannot stay in one city too long.
Of course, we can surely say that to read more books is better than we travel. We shall then have more interest on the spots we travel because we have already learned from books about the history of the spot.
Nowadays, science is so progressive that we can sit at home, enjoying the documentary which is photographed by the scientists from many places through risking their lives to complete the documentary.