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May 18 2017

Kung Fu

When we see a person who knows how to play Kung Fu, in one second, we may admire him. But, thinking deeply, Kung Fu is not good in many ways. Why we learn Kung Fu? It is because we want to protect ourself in case that somebody attacks us. Such idea is not right. As long as we do not make troubles against other people, we are safe basically. Nobody will hurt us without reason. Therefore, Kung Fu’s preparation is entirely not necessary and unpractical.
Except soldiers, they have to learn Kung Fu because they have to fight in battle. But, for us, ordinary people, it is not necessary to learn Kung Fu for defense. If you learn Kung Fu for few years and in one occasion, you show your Kung Fu technics to fight against other people, you may get troubles.
Unless you learn Kung Fu for exercise to your body, it is, of course, no problem. But, still you must not spend time too much on Kung Fu. You must limit your aim to stretch your body and to make a good blood circulation.
Kung Fu is not easy to learn. Even you spend few years, you can just learn a little. May be you are so much interested in Kung Fu and you spend ten years or more to learn it. But, you have to earn your living. The best you can do is to establish a Kung Fu school to earn money to live. But, Kung Fu teaching cannot bring you big income to improve your life and family to a very comfortable condition.