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May 19 2017

Health And Wealth

When we have reached a middle age, we feel money and health are so important to us. Without them, we are in fear to live old life.
But, health and wealth will not come to us by itself. We have to find, to seek, to get it by our hard work, plus some luck.
If we want good health, we have to live a proper life, to sleep early, to get up early, to eat balanced diet, to exercise regularly, to keep our emotion peacefully all the time. In such a life, we may have a good healthy body as we wish.
But, on the contrary, if you live a crazy life, sleeping late, fooling around outside in the night, drinking alcohol in the bar, going home late, eating food without control, no exercise, emotion out of control. If you are a such person, you will surely be in bad health. You will be looking old even you are in the middle age.
As far as wealth is concerned, we all know that to earn more, too spend less is the way to accumulate wealth. If we can apply such way of life consistently, we will surely by rich one day.
Once we get rich, we must know how to invest money properly. To do this, we need wisdom and carefulness. High caution is to be exercised in our investment upon which we can get big profit if we have luck or a wrong investment may cast our wealth away without knowing why.