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May 20 2017

Old People And Eating

If old people are to live a long life, first thing for them to observe is to eat less, not to put heavy burden on their stomach. It is a rule of nature that the stomach of old people is weak and unable to digest hard food.
Therefore, old people cannot eat expensive food, such as sharks fin, abalone, lobster and so on. As those food, not only difficult to be digested, but also too good in nutrition which will block the circulation of blood vessel.
The most dangerous thing for old man is to eat beef steak which is good in taste but difficult to be digested. Many old people, after eating steak in the night, died in sleep due to the fact that their stomach were unable to digest while they were in sleep.
Also, some middle aged men, who are successful in their business, invited their father to trip abroad. Of course, hospitality was first class and beef steak was served in every dinner. But the consequence was that after their return from trip, many old people died due to over exhaustion in physic and also in the weaknesses of stomach function.
It is almost a fact that if old people want to live long, they have to control their mouth. Middle age men who got sickness due to over-eating have chance to recover, but for old people, once they got illness, the chance of recovery is remote.