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May 21 2017


Heart is the most important part of our body. If other parts are hurt, we may be alive, but if heart hurt, we may die. Therefore, to protect heart is the work between life and death, for which we can never neglect.
When we were born, our heart starts to work non-stopping until the day of our death. Heart is very small, but this is the engine to make our whole body in good blood circulation without which our body will be stiff. That means death.
Heart is working twenty four hours a day, never stopping. Unlike the brain which can take rest when we are in sleep. Unlike the stomach which does not have to work if we do not eat. But, heart is different which is to work on and on every second.
We have two ways to protect our heart. One way is to avoid being hit by hard object. If we are not lucky that something may hit our heart, we may die. But, this is out of our control and we have to leave our fate to God. Only by His mercy, we can live to old age.
Another way to protect heart is by ourself. That is to control mouth, not to eat too much oil food which will block our blood vessel if we eat fat food too much.
Slow motion is also the way for us to live long. As we can see from the life of a turtle, which lives over one hundred years due to its slow heart beating.