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May 22 2017

Chinese Philosopher

We do not understand why so many Chinese famous philosophers were born at the period in which China was divided into seven countries two thousand five hundred years ago. They were Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Mencius, Xun Zi, Mozi, Zhuangzi. They had different philosophy to teach people at that time and each philosopher had many followers to follow their doctrine.
Of course, most famous was Confucius who even today is so popular to Chinese that even at the society of Chinese community overseas, there are many Confucius temples. Confucius taught people to follow: “Polite, promise, decency behavior, to act no disgraceful thing.” That knowledge is very useful to our daily life. That is why Confucius philosophy can last few thousand years up to now.
Lao-Tzu philosophy is to do “nothing” which actually means to do everything. On the other hand, he proposed that we should be weak outside, but strong inside to protect ourselves.
Mencius philosophy was that human’s character was kind when the baby was born, but later changed to be evil by the circumstance in which he grew up.
Mozi philosophy was to work hard, and to enjoy less, to soil, but less expectation from harvest. Such philosophy was good for poor young people to fight their life upwards.
Xun Zi philosophy was to claim that young generation must be better than old generation. Now, the world has proved that the life of today is much better than the life of old days.
Zhuangzi philosophy was to enjoy life to be important because that life was short. Many people in this world live their life in Zhuangzi philosophy now. To enjoy what they should enjoy tonight. Tomorrow is another day.