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May 23 2017

Every Day Is Last Day

This title means that if we live today as a last day of our life we will surely very much treasure every second. We will be very kind to any person we meet and we will only do things which are very important to our life.
To say simply, we will never waste a minute if we live our last day. In our life, we feel so busy every day. It is because we mix important things and unimportant things together and as a consequence we always feel so busy every day and time is never enough for our use.
Therefore, the actual meaning of last day is no waste of our time. We must seize the very moment, to do what we have to do, to enjoy what we like to enjoy. This is the aim of our life.
As a matter of fact, we should know how to live in the moment. Yesterday, was gone, gone forever, never be back, already becoming a history. Tomorrow unknown, we shall never know what will happen to us tomorrow. We may have earthquake tonight. A minute ago, we may have a deep sleep on our bed, but a minute later, we may fall into the bottom of abyss by a sudden earthquake which we shall not be able to resist.
So, enjoy our life now. Never waste a minute when it is in our hands. For twenty four hours we all spend on work, sleep, eating, rest, enjoyment or in whatever we like to do to live our last day well.