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May 24 2017


We are human, born to this world, growing and dead, which are natural and cannot reject. When we are ill, we go to see doctor as a routine of our life.
In our life, we will surely have illness. For illness, there are two kinds, one from accident, hurting our body from outside. Another is in the inside of our body, which, if we are careful, should reduce chance from happening?
We cannot stop accident which is out of our control, but for inner illness, we have the power to control if we live a decent life.
Inner illness is not so difficult to prevent provided we have ample sleep and balanced food. If we can control our mouth, we shall have little chance to get inner illness.
But, if we live a crazy life, sleeping late, eating irregular, alcohol too much, all of these will cause us to be ill.
For small illness, we do not have to go to doctor, especially on such illness as cold. In the Western proverb: “Feed cold starve fever.” which means that when we get cold, we just eat as much as possible and when we have fever, we must not eat anything, but water and sleep. In most cases, cold and fever can be recovered very quickly by your own body resistance. Therefore, do not go doctor and take medicine when a little illness appears. Make a habit to cure small illness by yourself.