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May 25 2017

Seize Knife Handle

To seize knife handle means to hold mastery in our life. If you have ability to seize knife handle, you will not be hurt by other people. Many people will hurt you if you are defenseless.
We cannot detect other human’s hearts which may hurt us if we are weak. Therefore, we must all the time prepare to protect ourselves not to let others to have chance to hurt us. As long as we do not hurt other people, it is our right to protect ourselves by any means.
To live a simple life is the way to protect ourselves. Only by simplicity, we shall not have to ask others to help us too much. We shall try to live our life independently to keep knife handle in our own hands.
But, if we live a complex life, we have to depend many things on others. That is they hold our knife handle. If the handle is in the hands of good people, it is not harmful to us, but should the handle is in the hands of bad people, we may live a miserable life under them.
Try to hold our knife handle in any matters whether small or big. There are so many examples which cannot be described in a few sentences. But, you must use your wisdom to judge things which come to your hand. You shall not hurt other people, but you have the right to protect yourself.
Therefore, we shall try our best to seize knife handle so that we can live our life happily and freely forever.