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May 26 2017

Exercise And Sleep

Exercise and sleep is closely connected. If there is no exercise, quality of sleep will not be so good. On the other hand, if there is not enough sleep, exercise is harmful to your body. Therefore, we must make sleep and exercise in balance to get a good result in our health.
Of course, there is big difference in exercise, between light exercise and heavy exercise. If a person wants to do heavy exercise, such as football, basketball, squash, judo etc., he needs a good sleep before he starts to do exercise. But, for light exercise, such as taichi, yoga, slow walk, ping pong, swimming etc., less sleep is no problem. Of course, you will feel a little tired in exercise due to lack of sleep.
For young people, sleep is not important to them. They can do any exercise even sleep is short. A little rest afterwards will recover their fatigue very quickly because of their young age.
But, for middle aged men, caution is to be exercised in exercise if their sleep is not enough. They need a good physical condition to support their exercise, otherwise they will have more chance to get hurt.
Old men can never exercise if they do not sleep enough. Their energy is weak. Any exercise can make their body unbalanced, and can force them to fall down unknowingly. For old men, slow walk may be the best as their exercise.