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May 27 2017


All of us wish to live a peaceful life in our whole life. We pray God to protect us and to bless us to be away from disaster.
But, in our whole life, we may meet disaster. Small one will give us painfulness, but big one will take our life away. Disaster is so difficult to prevent. We do not know where and when it will happen to us.
Just few days ago, there was a big disaster in Manchester, England. A bomb was exploded in an opera theater, killing more than twenty people. This was done by terrorist who killed innocent people ruthlessly. It is really sad to the family of the dead persons who were so unlucky to be killed in such cruel way.
But, sometimes we have disaster from nature. For instance that many year ago one village with few thousand villagers lived at the foot of a big mountain. For centuries, they have lived peacefully without any danger to them. But, one day, huge rocks with floods roared down from top of mountain, killing all the villagers below. Such accident happened in a matter of minutes. We do not know beforehand to escape from disaster.
Another kind is the disaster created by human, such as air disaster, train out of railway, steamer sinking in the sea, car collide against each other. Even so, we cannot know beforehand.
What we can do is not to create disaster by ourselves, such as not to drive after drinking, not to do dangerous things and so on.