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May 28 2017

Heaven And Hell

If somebody asks you: “Where is the heaven? Where is the Hell?” You surely will be astonished by such abstract question. It is because we have never been in heaven or hell.
But, should we think calmly and coolly, we may come to conclude that there is no heaven or hell in this world. It is only a castle in the air, a shadow in the night, nothing existing from reality.
In fact, heaven or hell is in our heart depending on what we think about it. If we are happy, that is heaven in our heart, or if we are unhappy that is hell in our heart.
But, we have to pursue happiness by our own. It will not come by itself. For instance, if we are polite and smiling to others, they also will do same to us.
On the contrary, if we are always in a rude manner, speaking roughly to everybody, by such a bad manner, how can other people be good to us? Therefore, we shall be in unhappiness which, in a sense, is hell.
There is an old saying in Chinese: “There is a broad way to heaven, but you do not go. There is no door to hell, but you knock blindly.” That means a good young man should study and work hard diligently to lay a fountain for future. That is the road to heaven.
But, if a young man is lazy, living a life in an indecent way, smoking, drinking, drugging, etc., such a person is doomed to hell.