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May 29 2017


Time is very fair. Whether you are as noble as a President of nation or you are a person of very low job, working in the street, you still get time of twenty four hours a day, not one minute more or one minute less. But, how to spend the twenty four hours, it entirely depends on you because you are the time master.
Many people pay serious attention to money, but less care about time. It is because you have to earn money by labour, but time not. It comes naturally without paying any effort. It is a gift from God as long as you are a human.
A person, whose success or failure in his life time, is entirely depending on how he uses his time. If he is man of wisdom, knowing how to use his time wisely to his purpose, he is a successful man. But, if he just lives a life of no aim, wasting time blindly, he will achieve nothing when time goes by.
Obviously, if some person wants to borrow money from you, you will refuse. But, if he asks you to do something for him by taking your time, you will willingly do it, because you feel that time has no cost.
It is a virtue to use your time to help people, but, before doing it, you have to consider yourself first. Time is life, you must not give time away so generously.