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May 30 2017

Who Are You

When you get up in the morning, you may look at the mirror and ask yourself: “Who are you?” This is a way to ask yourself what you are going to do today and how to use your time in proper way. Of course, you will only plan good things of the day, not evil things.
There is one proverb in England: “You cannot see dust in your nose.” It means that you cannot see your faults by yourself? It is true that you can see other’s faults easily, but to yourself, you know nothing about yourself.
Greek philosopher Socrate said: “Understand yourself. Most of us know others very well, but we do not understand ourself. Chinese proverb also said: “To understand others easy, to understand ourselves difficult.”
Many people have high ideal in their thinking, but all of those ideas are the castle in the air, not realistic. One Indian proverb also said: “You can have your ideas as high as the sky, but your feet must be on the ground. That mean you must live your life in realistic way.
Therefore, young people must have some preparation to face crisis which come unexpectedly. Try to do everything by yourself. Do not depend on other people to do things for you, even your parent. If you can ask yourself “who are you” every day, you will surely be a far-sighted person.