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May 31 2017


The most difficult part for us is to do things persistently. To start is easy but to persist is another thing which is so difficult to fulfill as we wish. However, persistence is the word which builds the foundation of our success of any field which we are aiming at. Nothing can be achieved if we do not persist.
There is a proverb in England: “A rolling stone cannot gather moss.” If we wish to be a moss of success, persistence is the weapon to attack our goal in front of us.
To be persistent, we need to build a habit by which we can then go slowly into the door of persistence. We cannot catch fish for one day and lay the net idle for nine days. By this way, how can we catch many fishes?
In the life of reality, if we spend more time in fooling around and less time to work, we shall be surely a man of failure. God will not favor a grace to the person who is lazy.
Therefore, if you think you are not the person to insist, better not start, otherwise people will look down on you when you stop things half way.
If you live a simple life, it is easier for you to do thing persistently. Complicated life will lead you to a way of aimlessly busy, lacking of time every day. How can you keep things persistently when your do not have enough time.