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Jun 1 2017


In recent decades, people, who get dementia, are now quite high in numbers. But, up to now, no medicine can prevent and cure.
If a person gets dementia, he loses all his memory which, once gone is gone forever, never comes back. What he has in his brain is a blank, just like a piece of white paper. He does not know who he is and furthermore he does not recognize any person even as close as his family members. It is really sad.
Unfortunately, until now, no medicine can cure the initial stage of dementia or no method can prevent it from happening.
Based on common sense, if we eat less meat, and more vegetables, we can force the fat to diminish from our blood vessels. By doing so, it may be useful to prevent the growing chance of dementia.
But, most people do not think this seriously to control food. It is because not everybody will get such sickness. In some cases, people of over ninety years of age still possess a clear brain, answering questions very logically and clearly.
Therefore, it is better to cure by ourselves before the sickness happens. That is to sleep enough to eat less fat food, to do exercise to make blood in good circulation, to keep a good digestion, and lastly, you must keep a peaceful heart, not to be angered by any person in any matters.