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Jun 2 2017


Many of us like birthday because in birthday we can invite a lot of people to join our birthday party to celebrate. It is good in some sense but there is consequence afterwards. We may regret that to hold a birthday party is not a wise way which cost us money and energy too much, just for no particular useful purpose.
It is normal that we celebrate our birthday with family members. But to invite outsiders, we need to consider more carefully before sending our invitation cards out.
For example, if we invite fifty guests to join our party which will surely create a good atmosphere and everyone will be joyful and happy in the process of the party. But, considering that every guest has birthday of their own, and they will invite you back in their birthday.
In such case, you shall have birthday invitation every week and it will surely make you tired to join party every week, spending your time, energy and money as well in order to attend the party.
Therefore, it is the only way that you celebrate your birthday with your family members, to enjoy your life privately, not with outsiders. Besides, your birthday is your very personal thing and there is no reason to let outsiders to know your personal affairs. It will be harmful to you if you leak your personal information too much to others people.