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Jun 3 2017

Constipation Gone, Sickness Disappears

If anyone has constipation, he is not a happy person. Constipation will make you uncomfortable, appetite weak, not much interest to eat food.
Where the constipation comes from? It comes because we have over-eaten, food making stomach unable to digest properly and slowly and slowly the undigested food forms a hard lump blocking the passage of stomach.
Once your stomach is blocked, the food will stay longer in your stomach. In usual case, the food we eat today will be digested out after twenty four hours. But, a blocked stomach will keep food four days more inside stomach.
When your food remains in your stomach for four days or more, it is surely that poisons will appear from food and finally poisons will inflict to your blood vessels. Consequently you will feel very uncomfortable in your body, energy weak, thinking unclear, temper out of control. It is all due to the problem of poison in the blood vessel.
There are medicines to cure constipation, but those medicines can only cure temporally. If you want to get rid of constipation once for all, you have to eat less food and drink more water, and besides you must avoid to eat less meat and eat more vegetables.
If you can keep such a life style for one month or so, your constipation will surely be gone. Your blood will then be as clean as before and to digest properly within twenty four hours.