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Jun 4 2017


Except young men, most middle aged-men are very serious to pay attention to their wealth. It is because if they have wealth in their prime age, they can enjoy their golden years in their retiring time.
Everybody knows that to make money is very difficult, but when you have earned money, to keep it is more difficult. Therefore, you have to protect your money as the first important thing. Once you have lost it, it would be difficult to gain it back.
Through your hard work, you may earn a certain amount of money. You do not know what to do with the money. If you are in prime age, full of energy, it is better to create some business of your own. But, in business, there will be competition, and if you are an able man, you may build a big enterprise by small capital or you may lose all your capital which you have saved in the past years.
No matter in whatever position you are, it is absolutely right to buy a house of your own for you to live. When you accumulate a certain amount of money, buy a home by your saving, say thirty percent and seventy percent to be borrowed from bank. It is a way of compulsory saving, forcing you not to spend money on unnecessary things.
But when you are old, you had better keep cash in the bank. It is because your remaining years are not very long, inflation cannot eat your cash value too much. Money is still something worthy in value.