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Jun 5 2017

Living Creature

Living creature is something with life. We human are a living creature and animals, too. But, human has soul, brain and know how to think, not only just to live on food only. We need to enjoy many things in our life.
But, animals are not. They have no souls. What they want is to eat only, to find food all the time when they are awake.
We cannot understand that there are insects ten times smaller than ants. But, they have eyes, legs and can climb very fast to anywhere when they like. On the other hand, there are giant fishes, such as whale, weighting over one hundred tons. As they are too big, they can only live in the ocean, no place in the land to let such big creature live.
No matter whether they are giant whales or tiny insects. They have one thing in common and that is the freedom. Whale can swim from South Pole to North Pole, without boarder of any country. Tiny insects are more free and can climb to anywhere they like.
Our human is different. We have to obey the law, to live our life within the law unable to do anything we like to do. It is because that human’s heart is evil and if there is no control by law, society will not be in peace. Weak people will be hurt by the strong ones. But, by the law, they can have some protection to some extent.