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Jun 6 2017


In our life, whatever we do, there is a limit which is so important that we must watch very carefully, failing which we may have disasters or trouble depending on what case, we meet.
Many sport men, in order to get good result and to overpass other sport fellows, always exercise over their physical limit. In such a case, they hurt their body by over exercise. But, as a consequence when they get into old age, their old wounds will appear and many kinds of illness will be with them frequently. Most of the sport men cannot live a long life.
Many decades ago, there was a very famous runner in America, who wrote a book, describing running was the best exercise for human to get oxygen. But, one day when he was running on the street, he fell down and died due to his over limit in running.
Therefore, when we exercise, we must watch carefully about the limit. We all know that life depends on exercise, but we must control ourselves not to exceed the limit to avoid tragedy which may fall upon us if we are not careful.
Another thing, apart from exercise, we have to watch is the food. We must not overeat food than our stomach can afford. Once our stomach is damaged, we will suffer pain in all whole life. Alcohol should be very serious to watch. If we drink alcohol every day, we may have liver illness, or even worse, we can have liver cancer which we should prevent from very beginning.