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Jun 7 2017

Nature Cycle

In simple words nature cycle is the day and night in rotation which is forever and everlasting, day gone, night comes, night gone, day appears, endlessly. We are human, a traveller in this nature cycle. We were born as a baby and died as an old person, turning our body into ashes.
Since we are human, we have flesh and blood, and soul as well. We shall live in happiness and also in painfulness in the course of our life. No matter in what kind of life we live, we will fade away one day.
We shall have different kinds of life in our different age. When in boyhood, we go to the kindergarten, and to university when growing up. Finally we become a matured man, going to work in society and take responsibility to build a family. Age is a very clear boundary to live our life in different sphere.
Therefore, we must catch the nature cycle, which is time actually, doing what we should do, doing not what we should not. If we want to enjoy our beautiful life, we have to do right thing during the day and night. That is to work hard during the day and take good rest in the night, failing which our life will be miserable.
To say simple, how can we live best in the nature cycle, it is to live seriously at this very moment. That is today. We shall never waste our time today. Yesterday is gone, gone forever, never coming back and tomorrow is unknown, knowing not what will be tomorrow. But, today is in our hands and we can use this very minute in whatever way we like to live our comfortable life.